Same-day workplace delivery

Primarily designed to reduce the cost of medication, MedlockTM service enables employees and patients to get their medication in a smart, safe, and private locker at work with a same-day service.


MedlockTM Service Objectives

  • Control the cost of medication for employers and employees.
  • Offer employers a means to improve their workers’ quality of life.
  • Provide employers a way of setting themselves apart and offering employees an additional service at no extra cost.
  • Improve the management and distribution of packages delivered to companies.
  • Help employees avoid having to get to a pharmacy and waiting in line.



For who is MedlockTM?

  • Major businesses.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses located in office towers or commercial buildings.
  • Office tower and commercial building administrators.
  • ... and their employees.




  1. Delivery and installation of MedlockTM on your premises.
  2. Activating the MedlockTM delivery option for employees concerned.
  3. Same-day order and delivery of their medication.
  4. Reception of access code by text message or email and order pickup by the patient.



Are you a group insurance broker?

Your clients and potential clients could benefit from the MedlockTM service at work, whether in a major or small or medium business located in an office tower or commercial building.

Frequently asked questions

What is a MedlockTM locker?

Entirely developed by the Pharmacy, the MedlockTM service is a complete pharmacy service exclusively offered to businesses, office towers, and commercial buildings. Primarily designed to reduce the cost of medication, the Pharmacy offers the necessary infrastructure and logistics so that employees can receive their pharmaceutical products in a smart, safe, and private locker at work, with a same-day service in Greater Montreal.

How much does this service cost for the patient/employee?

The MedlockTM service and use of the smart locker comes at no extra cost to the patient.

How much does this service cost the employer?

To install a MedlockTM locker in a business, an office tower or commercial building, contact us!

What kind of medication can be delivered to these lockers?

Most packages can be delivered in a MedlockTM locker. This includes medication requiring refrigeration.

Who can access MedlockTM lockers?

MedlockTM lockers are presently intended to be installed in private locations, mainly on business premises, in common areas of office towers or commercial buildings. Only patients who are currently employed by the businesses in question can use these lockers.

Is there a same-day delivery service?

Same-day delivery service is available for MedlockTM lockers located in Greater Montreal. In some cases, orders may be delayed, particularly if medication is out of stock or the order is late.

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