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How it works

Nothing easier!

Simplicity and Speed

Online pharmacy

Registration & Transfering of your file*

Once you have registered, our staff will be happy to contact you to collect all the necessary information for your file. Subsequently, our pharmacist proceeds to transfer your records from your old pharmacy. He can do the same for other members of your family. *Some prescriptions cannot be transfered (narcotic, controlled drugs). (Click on Step 2)

File analysis & preparing your order

Our pharmacists carry out an analysis of your file according to the collection of information performed beforehand. At that time, they give you access to your online file that will now be available through our website, tablet or smartphone. (Click on Step 3)

Shipping and Canada Post

Once the order prepared, you will receive an email to make payment via our secure platform. Know that Canada Post can deliver it to the place of your choice (office, home or otherwise)!

See by yourself

Online Pharmacy on Video

You still have unanswered questions about our pharmacy? This video is for you.
Take a few seconds and see what we have prepared for you by clicking on the image!

Automated Notifications

Refills; forget it !

Have you ever forgotten to refill your medication on time? From now on, your pharmacy thinks for you. Five to seven days before refill time, automatically receive a reminder email or SMS. The order is prepared and delivered before you even run out of medication.

Pharmacien Benoît Picard

Automated Notifications

Track your package

Although delivery usually takes 24 to 48 hours (Due to COVID-19, it may be longer), you have the opportunity to follow your package, from the pharmacy to its final destination! We make sure to deliver you your order in advance to avoid any interruption of treatment.

From the pharmacy to you

Fast and free delivery

Delivery by Canada PostTM is free throughout Quebec. We deliver to your home, the office or the cottage!

  • Ideal for disable family members ;
  • Ideal for overworked parents ;
  • Ideal for busy students, workers or professionals ;

Our IntellipharmaTM software allows our patients to have their medication delivered five to seven days before the scheduled refill. Moreover, the parcel is not identified with the name of the pharmacy.


A Small Gesture at a Time

As a pharmacy, we have environmental responsibilities and this must translate into concrete actions:

  • We deliver by bike whenever possible, summer or winter.
  • We use recycled, recyclable and degradable packaging material.
  • We reuse packaging material from our suppliers.
  • The vials used are certified eco-responsible.

We work with our patients to develop greener processes. Give us your suggestions!

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