How it works

Nothing easier!

A team to serve you

Accredited Pharmacists
All our pharmacists are members in good standing of the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec.
Pharmaceutical Care
Is the treatment effective? Do you show any side effects? As pharmacists, we follow up.
Over-the-counter (OTC) Drugs
Our pharmacists are available to assist you in the purchase of over-the-counter products.
Complete Services
We offer the same full range of services as a traditional pharmacy: private consultation, delivery of refrigerated medications, etc.
Your personal health information is protected. We seek the highest standards in the industry.

Simplicity and Speed

An Ingenious Process

Registration & Transfering of your file*

Once you have registered, our staff will be happy to contact you to collect all the necessary information for your file. Subsequently, our pharmacist proceeds to transfer your records from your old pharmacy. He can do the same for other members of your family. *Some prescriptions cannot be transfered (narcotic, controlled drugs). (Click on Step 2)

File analysis & preparing your order

Our pharmacists carry out an analysis of your file according to the collection of information performed beforehand. At that time, they give you access to your online file that will now be available through our website on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. (Click on Step 3)

Shipping and Canada Post

Once the order prepared, you will receive an email to make payment via our secure platform. Know that Canada Post can deliver it to the place of your choice (office, home or otherwise)!

Automated Notifications

Proactive Pharmacy


From the pharmacy to you

Fast and free delivery

Delivery by Canada PostTM is free throughout Quebec. We deliver to your home, the office or the cottage!

  • Ideal for disable family members ;
  • Ideal for overworked parents ;
  • Ideal for busy students, workers or professionals ;

Our IntellipharmaTM software allows our patients to have their medication delivered five to seven days before the scheduled refill. The parcel is not identified with the name of the pharmacy for discreet service


Private drug insurance plan

Price Transparency

One of our pharmacy's most important values is transparency. In Quebec, few people know that drug prices charged to patients covered by a private insurance plan can vary from one pharmacy to another. Those who are aware of this situation will often ask to know the pricing of our services and the prices of medications. To make it completely transparent for all of our patients, we have created a tool enabling simplified access to our prices.

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