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Frequently asked questions

Are medication prices not the same in all pharmacies?

No. In Quebec, few people know that the cost of medication charged to patients covered by a private group insurance can vary from one pharmacy to another.

I am insured with the RAMQ. Do prices vary from one pharmacy to another?

No. Drugs prices for RAMQ beneficiaries are the same in all pharmacies. The prices submitted here are therefore not valid for RAMQ beneficiaries. Click here to learn more

My insurance pays for my medication, so what's the point of controlling their price?

The amount assumed by your insurance has a direct impact on the premiums you and your employer have to pay. This amount is deducted most often from your pay. Lower amounts claimed improve your own finances.

Why do I need to enter my e-mail to get a quote?

We ask for your email only to send you your quote. Be reassured, your email will not be used to send you marketing content!

By filling out the price request form, what should I expect later?

You will receive an email containing a Web link to consult your quote. That's it!

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