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General Interest

Our services are tailored for patients taking medications on a regular basis (medicines to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.). If your condition is stable and recurring, this service is for you! Contact our pharmacist for more information.

Our pharmacists make a point of giving you all the information necessary for you to take your medication safely. In addition, you have access to information memos and explanatory videos directly on your online file at all times.

One of the founding principles of our pharmacy is transparency. We take care to tell you all the costs involved at the time of the transaction. We cover the cost of delivery; regular delivery of prescription drugs is always without charge. Finally, if you want to know the cost of your medications, go to to submit an application.

The package is not identified with the name of the pharmacy and the medication is prepared so as to avoid recognizing the nature of the contents of the package, the risk of theft is very low.

For security reasons, our pharmacy cannot take pharmaceuticals that have ceased to be under the immediate control of our pharmacists. Thus, a drug ordered by mistake by a patient cannot be returned for refund for this reason.

Our pharmacists are all members of the Ordre des Pharmaciens du Québec. As a Quebec pharmacy, we must respect the same legal and ethical requirements as all other pharmacies in Quebec.

Yes. As pharmacists, we respect the doctor's prescription and we give you the recommended medication. In some situations, we may contact your doctor with your consent, to adapt a prescription to your health.

Any prescription placed in the file of your pharmacy can easily be transferred by our pharmacists. Just give us your consent to do so.

You have the prerogative to refill your medication at any pharmacy in Quebec at all times. Pharmacies in Quebec do not communicate your patient file among themselves. However, it is always possible that you contact the pharmacy of your choice to make a transfer of your medications. The pharmacy you choose will contact our pharmacists to complete the transfer. Therefore, you can always get your medication when you wish.

We strive to provide the most secure and confidential environment possible for users. We invite you to consult the document on safety at the bottom of the page.

We are proud to be a Quebec company that operates in Montreal at 555 Chabanel West, Suite 603, Montreal, Quebec H2N 2H8. Come see us !

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You can always re-transfer your medications at the pharmacy of your choice if you are not completely satisfied with our services. The decision is yours. Our pharmacists will ensure that continuity of care is prioritized.

You can get your medication from another pharmacy at any time, even if you are one of our patients. It is important to always inform the pharmacist that you are getting medication from another pharmacy.

Since it requires a call to your old pharmacy, the first order, can require an additional delay of one day. Make sure you have enough medication before asking us to proceed with your file transfer.

The transfer process is simple and easy. Sign up for our services at A member of our staff will be happy to contact you to complete the transfer.


Yes, the changes occur only when the pharmacy begins processing your order.

An individualized assessment must be made by our pharmacists before each refills for sound advice on the number of months to refill at a time.

Yes, you will, in all cases, receive an invoice by email when your order is ready. It will subsequently be delivered to the address you selected.

At the time of your transfer request, you can specify that you want to transfer the files of other family members. Once they have given their consent (people aged 14 and over), we will proceed with the transfer of their file. Moreover, with their consent, you will have access to their files within your account in order to facilitate the management of refills for the entire family.

We have implemented policies and procedures to minimize the risk of error. Our pharmacists are fully responsible for medicines served in the pharmacy. For any error related to your medication, please contact the pharmacy directly). Our pharmacists will ensure that you do not incur any risk to your health and will proceed to refund you.


We can deliver you the vast majority of drugs necessary for your health (creams, ointments, pumps, eye drops, refrigerated products, narcotic drugs). Some require special precautions (including a signature on receipt). Our pharmacists will contact you to explain the procedure.

Yes, we can prepare all types of drugs. We offer the same services and products as a traditional pharmacy. To prepare your order quickly, you can come on site to following address:

Most times, the delivery time is limited to 24 - 48 working hours. In some situations, the deadline can be extended to four days. To avoid problems and take account of this period, our system sends you an email or SMS seven days before the renewal date. Be sure to send us your requests for renewals at least seven working days before the scheduled date of your renewals.

Yes, we have been careful not to identify the package as originating from the pharmacy. So you can have it delivered to the office with discretion.

Other carriers may be used to deliver your package (UPS, FedEx, Purolator, etc.). We will choose the most appropriate carrier given the particular situation.

All medications must be kept within a given temperature range to maintain their physical and chemical integrity. Our work includes maintaining the integrity of drugs served to our patients. Thus, we have provided the opportunity for you to track your package from the pharmacy to its arrival at the delivery address. You will be notified at the time of its arrival. You can also provide us a delivery address or a place where the temperature is controlled.

We choose the type of packaging based on many considerations (including outside temperature and the temperature necessary to maintain the stability of the drug). When possible, we prefer packaging that can easily fit into your locked mailbox. Most orders are small enough to be inserted without problems. However, if your order is too large or other considerations do not allow it to be deposited in your locked mailbox, we recommend having the package shipped to your office if possible. If this is not possible, your order will simply be sent to the post office nearest your residence. The carrier will give you a notice to that effect to retrieve your package.

At the time of submitting your refills through our secure portal, you will have the choice between onsite pick up or delivery to the address of your choice. You need to enter the desired address.

No, for security reasons, it is impossible to deliver drugs to a post office box.

All prescription drugs are delivered free of charge. Delivery remains free if you wish to add over-the-counter products available on the online platform to your order.

One of the simplest ways to make your life easier and to avoid any inconvenience is for you to send your parcels to the office. The package being discreet, do not fear a breach of confidentiality. In addition, the tracking of the package lets you know the time of arrival of the package for you to get it quickly.

Yes, we use insulated containers and ice packs for the safe transportation of refrigerated products. A signature is required by the carrier to ensure that the cold chain is maintained after receiving the package.

It is important to check each order at the time of receipt. If it is damaged, please notify the carrier, and contact us by phone.

For legal reasons, we cannot deliver your medicine outside Canada. If you are on vacation and need a refills, please contact us toll free number.

Same-day delivery is possible in the Greater Montreal if you wish. Please contact us.

Our pharmacists can assist you in contacting the pharmacy of your choice and make the transfer so you have immediate access to your medications.

If you don't find the proper answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us by phone.